$5 Goodwill Challenge- Spring 2018

Have your heard of the $5 Goodwill Challenge created by Old World Home, (formally known as My So-Called Home)?  If not, you can check it out HERE.
Basically, it’s a event she hosts that challenges everyone to search in second hand shops, (thrift stores or second hand market shops you can find online), for decor for the current season and it you can spend no more than $5.  She hosts this challenge for each season.
It’s something she has been doing for a few years now and it’s always been so fun to see what she comes up with.  As well as all the others who participate.

5 Goodwill Challenge- Spring 2018

I’ve always wanted to try and do it but just never have.  When I saw her video introduction for this seasons challenge, I was determined to do it this time!  So, off to different local thrift stores I went.  I would try and go when Nolan was in school so that I wasn’t having to load all three kids along with me but that left time to do one store a day after getting schooling in too.  I thought this would be fairly easy but I was having no such luck.
I didn’t want to just buy anything.  I wanted to be sure that it was something I would actually use and like and not just another thing that would take up room in my house.  Or that I would toss away after a few months.

I was about to give up and just be content that it was just not going to happen when I decided to try one more time.
I loaded the girls up and we went to Goodwill.  Harper was not in a very good mood that day and did not want to sit in the buggy.  So, I was having to hold her as she squirmed and fussed because everything was making her upset.  I scrolled through a few isles and I decided that it just wasn’t worth it.  On our way walking towards the front of the store to leave, I found it!   This way outdated faux wicker ball topiary that was covered in faux ivy.   It was under $4 so I grabbed it and we jumped in line to pay so we could finally get out of there before Harper would have another melt down.


I already had white spray paint to paint the pot and faux moss to cover the wicker after tearing all the ivy off.


I noticed a small crack on the pot but thought no big deal but once I started painting it white, I noticed it was a pretty big crack.  At first, I thought I would just eventually change out the pot once I got the chance to get another small one since I didn’t have one on hand.  However, I actually like the cracked “rustic” look.  It adds character.  Plus, it’s holding up well and it’s high out of reach of any little hands.

I then covered the wicker ball in some hodge-podge glue, (because that’s all I had) and then just covered it with the moss that I already had on hand.
IMG-9984And there it is!   Super easy and all for under $4!


I am so glad I was able to do this challenge and that I gave Goodwill once last chance before giving up.
I’m also glad it’s something that I can keep around all year long.


Be sure to follow Hilary on both youtube and instagram at “Old World Home”.
You can also check out everyone else who participated in this challenge from her youtube channel.
Hope you enjoyed!

Let me know if you have done a challenge like this?  If so, please comment below your work!  I would love to see!


What going “Unplug” did for me

Happy Monday!



I took a little break from social media and most things “internet” almost a week and it was wonderful!
I have gone “unplugged” before.  A few times actually, and it’s always wonderful.  I just wanted to share a little of what it did for me this particular time.

I am going to be pretty vulnerable in this post.  I fought doing so but I thought, I am sure I am not the only one out there who has done this and because I enjoy hearing that I am not alone, I figured maybe there’s someone out there too who needs to hear it.
I was on my phone, particularly social media, so much!  Like, way too much!
I honestly didn’t truly realize it until after I decided to take the break.  I would catch myself go for my phone to quickly remember that none of the social media apps are on there.  Seeing how often I picked it up though, to do so is what really opened my eyes.  That first day, I was heart broken!  I was heartbroken for my children that their mom has not been very present.  Heartbroken that I had become that person who was constantly staring at my phone and for what?  Yeah, it was a big wake up call.

So, what has unplugging done for me?  Besides that slap in the face, that is. 😜

  • Helped me reprioritize my time, my life and my household.

It almost felt like I gained free time.  Almost, as I do have three kids, a husband and a house to run.  However, it made me remember what time I have with them is sacred and I need to be wise.  I sat and wrote lots of lists.  One being how to manage my time.  How to teach my children how to manage their time.  I gave myself time limits to check emails, manage this blog and the free time of just getting on social media.  Obviously, with it being my first day back, I can’t give an update on how that is going but it’s got to be better than what it was, right??  I also put all social media apps in one folder.  Just as another way to remind me not to just click on it and stay there all throughout the day.
I also gave my children time limits of when they get screen time.  Their screen time is just tv and getting to play the wii.  We have already been on the rule that they get to play with a tablet only on Saturdays and there’s a time limit on that for them.   Being unplugged made me realize though that our tv was on a whole lot!  Between three kids choosing what they wanted to watch, it was just constantly on it seemed like.  Add that to one of the things I told myself I never would do before I had multiple kids.  However, I don’t want that for them.  It’s also my job to teach them time management.
So, I sat and wrote a rough draft of a routine for our days.  Obviously some days will look different than others since we have different things going on different days of the week.  But the things that are consistent is when they are allowed to watch tv or play video games.  We started that a few days after I unplugged.  They are allowed tv during quiet time when Harper naps.  That’s also when I allow myself to get on to check emails, etc.
I’m also using this to teach my kids to tell time so, double win.

  • Helped me be more present with my husband and children.

Not having the distraction of wasted time on my phone, I am way more patient with my children and husband when they want to talk, ask me something or have me spend time with them.  Another jab at the pride here and being vulnerable.   One thing I always want to be here is honest and authentic and so here’s my honesty.  Of course, I didn’t intentionally get to a place where I viewed my people interrupting my screen time rather than my screen time interrupting my people.   I think that’s the case for most people.  However, that’s what it became.  That’s where I got.
Unplugging opened my eyes to that as well.   Another great reason for me to limit all screen time around the house.   I became more fun for my children.  Playing with them.  Coming up with stuff for us all to do together when they would announce that they were bored or didn’t know what to do.  Going outside with them when they were out there.  Getting house chores done a lot quicker.  Getting them more involved with the house chores.

  • Helped me become more aware.

More aware of the things I’ve listed above but also some other things.  One of those things being comparison.   Looking and watching other people’s lives and thinking how great and good for them but I will never be like that, look like that, be as successful as them, talk as good as them, and so on.  It made me just not want to try with some things.  It certainly was making me look away from who God created me to be and work on the gifts and qualities I have been given and instead was making me look at the gifts and qualities He placed in others and wish for those.  Thinking less of my own identity because it wasn’t looking like this persons or that.   Being someone who compares and then allows it to steal my joy is not who I am or who I want to be.  Not who I want my children to see when they see their mama; who my husband to see when he sees his wife.

I have no issues with social media.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  I see the good that it can bring.  It’s just all in moderation and where your own personal heart is.  You hear a lot of people talk about the comparison game, in particularly in social media, and I do agree but I don’t hold the responsibility on social media or the people on there.  It’s my own responsibility on how I manage and handle it all.

Have you struggled with this?  What are some ways that helped you to better manage your time on your phone?

I pray this encourages you, in that you’re not alone if this is something you’ve found in yourself.💖

Pregnancy Favorites

Happy Sunday friends!
Kyle was home all last week on “stay-cation” and boy, did we all love having him here.  I actually decided to go ahead and do our Spring break with Anna since he was home.
It went by way too fast.  Tomorrow starts back to our normal routine with school and work.

We also have had a lot happening this week but I’ll share all that good stuff for another post.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite things for this pregnancy.  So, let’s get started, shall we?
PicMonkey Image-2




This pregnancy, finding a comfortable spot to sleep became hard way too soon.  Thankfully, during my last pregnancy with Harper, I bought myself a pregnancy pillow.  I chose the snoogle pregnancy pillow.  There are so many different kinds out there and it was a little overwhelming.  This was on the lower cost end and it wasn’t as big as the wrap around you kind.  It’s been a great best friend for me. 😉




Maternity clothes.  Particularly maternity jeans.  Let’s talk about them.  I went two pregnancies without any luck of some good maternity jeans.  They would either get saggy or bulky.  My pregnancy with Anna, I didn’t get that big really.  Well, compared to the rest of the pregnancies.  Buying just a belly band did just fine.  At the end of her pregnancy, I also just lived in maxi dresses that were super easy to find then.  Haven’t had much luck since but anyways.   Then there was the price of maternity jeans.  Maternity clothes in general.  Can we talk about that??  I mean, it’s not that much more fabric in them!  Why you got to charge so much?  Ok, I’ll climb off the soap box before I really get settled on.
I thankfully found the wonderful “Mama jeans”, (as they call them), at H&M.  They are by far the best maternity jeans I have ever tried!  They don’t sag or bulk.  They are true to the “skinny jeans” fit.  I went and bought two more pair for this pregnancy.  The price isn’t any higher than what you pay for regular jeans either.  That is a bonus!
PicMonkey ImageBlack denim is just a staple for me.  I will wear them all year round.  I bought the light blue wash for the spring and summer.  I do live in Florida so it’s not like I wear jeans a whole lot but there are the occasions.  They were each $35.  You really can’t beat that!


My next favorite are my supplements.  There are a few that are a little new for me this pregnancy as I just felt I needed to take or I found a different brand that I liked.
I am taking vitamin D this pregnancy.  I’ve actually never have taken vitamin D before but I was feeling pulled that I needed to take some.  I don’t know if it was the actual winter season we had this year or the fact that I am in my 30’s, I was feeling low on it.  This brand is what was recommended to me from my Chiropractor.  vitamin D
I also started taking red raspberry leaf in tincture form rather than chugging tea all day.  I’ve been taking the tincture for a month now and I love it.  It was my sister, who is also expecting, who told me about it.  Reading and reviewing, it sounded perfect.  Honestly, I just haven’t been able to keep up with the tea drinking.  This helps in that I just take 2 dropper fulls three times a day.  It’s from Herb Lore and it’s their “pregnancy tea tincture”.  You can find it HERE.
Finally, I changed my probiotic to the plexus brand.  No I don’t sell it and no I don’t drink the pink stuff.  I have nothing against it really.  Just when you hear “Plexus” you think of both.  I have been taking this probiotic for quite sometime and I do love it.  It’s nice that I can give to my kids too.  I just break apart the capsule and shake the powder form probiotic in there food or juice even.
The others that I take are my vitamin B, C, iron and magnesium.  I have actually ran out of my iron but I take the Floradix brand in liquid form.  iron



Next favorite is my birth ball.  If you are pregnant and you don’t have one.  Go right now and buy you one!  You will not regret it.  They are the best.  We’ve already blown mine up and it’s what I sit on all the time.  It’s also amazing to have after baby is born.  Both Nolan and Harper loved being wrapped and bounced to sleep on this ball.  Nolan actually required it most of the time when he was baby to go to sleep.
birth ball



Lotion is a must for me on any given day.  However, when I am pregnant and even postpartum, my skin is so crazy dry. Not even coconut oil seems to do much.  Thanks hormones.  I started using Hempz lotion a little before I even found out I was pregnant.  Love this stuff.  It’s not the most natural.  The “Think Dirty” app gave it a 7, so…
However, it does a good job of keeping my skin moisturized.

My next favorite is a must! It’s another, if you’re not doing this, stop right now and make an appointment and feel amazing. I’m talking chiropractic care. I try and go often even while not pregnant. However, being pregnant, it’s a total have to! I’m already scheduling every two weeks. At the end of my pregnancy I try and go weekly.
27972959_1615794228468862_6730742005229677469_nI have an amazing chiropractor who I’ve been seeing for over 5 years. I started sometime after Anna. When I got pregnant with Nolan, I went to her after every midwife appointment. She works in the same building as the midwife I used with my pregnancy with Nolan. Growing Green Families is her practice. So if any of you are local, I highly recommend her. Regardless, local or not; pregnant or not, if you’re not seeing a chiropractor, I highly recommend you do. There’s so many amazing benefits.


My final must might sound like a given or even silly.  However, I had to add it because if you see me, you see this too.  I take it with me when I go to stores, church, visit friends.  It’s even going with me when I just have to pick Nolan up from Pre-k.  It’s pretty much attached to me.   I’m talking about a good big size water cup.  cup I use this canister because it’s stainless steal and keeps my iced water cold for a long time.  It’s not a Yeti but it is a knock off that I bought at Wal-Mart.  I use a straw with it as well.  I am sure there are better cups out there that don’t easily spill as this one does not have a good closing.  It’s just the one I have used for quite some time.
If you find one that has a straw, good closure, keeps water cold for long periods of time and doesn’t sweat, please send me the info!


Hope you’ve enjoyed my personal list of pregnancy favorites.  There any favorites you have that I didn’t name?  Would love to hear.



Thought I would share a recent bump picture as well.  I can’t believe I am already at 27 weeks!



Thanks for stopping by!

Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!
I thought I would share a small transformation for today.   As I have previously shared, we remodeled our kitchen.  ( I promise to share that soon!).  In the kitchen we added a pantry cabinet.  Previously we had to use our foyer closet as a pantry.  It worked but let me tell you, it’s so nice having 1) a pantry in our kitchen and 2) to have our foyer closet back so we can use it for storage!
I knew that I wanted to store our homeschool books and supplies in there.  It’s a fairly good size closet so I knew we wouldn’t need all the shelves in there…yet!  So, I also store my children’s individual boxes that we use to store their special art, gift wrapping supplies, cook books that don’t get used often enough and all the left over paper plates and cups we were using when we had no kitchen.😜
Though, I don’t have a before picture of when the closet was being used as a pantry.  I didn’t think to snap a picture before I transferred everything to our new real pantry.  I was too excited and eager to move everything in there.😁
I just took a before picture before laying decorative contact paper on the shelves and moving our homeschool books and supplies in.


Pretty messy.  And this was actually nothing compared to what it was when it was being used as a pantry.😅



It’s so nice having all our homeschool supplies in one space instead of all over like we had previously.  As well as having this storage space for other things.

Why Do I Blog?


I had a personal sit down with myself asking this very question.
I follow some amazing bloggers who truly do inspire me.  I am part of two amazing blogging community groups where I find inspiration.   However, I’ve also found myself doing the comparison game.  Ugh, what a horrible game to play.  Am I right?
There are these beautiful and successful blogs out there.  Then I would think, “and then there’s just me.  Someone who doesn’t even know what I am doing half the time”.
That’s very true.  I don’t.   I don’t even have a “niche”.   Doing my research about how to build up your blog or how to blog in general, (because remember, I have no idea what I am doing.), the number one rule is to find your niche.   I can’t commit to one thing!  I am sort of the random, loves to talk about everything type of woman.
So, why do I blog?  I have quite a few answers actually.

  • Number 1-  I just love it!  I’ve always enjoyed writing.  I might not be the best at it but it’s something that I truly do love and enjoy.  Blogging is just that outlet for me.  So, if it’s something I love and enjoy, why do I allow comparison or the fear of what others might think to stop me?   Hint- there’s no good or logic reason.  So, even if nobody reads these, it’s really ok because I am just doing what I love and desire to do. 😉  However, if you are reading this and actually enjoy my posts, thank you!.  I appreciate it.💖
  • Number 2-  It’s a great place to document more than just pictures.  Instagram is my go to for documenting our life in pictures.  Here, I am able to share and document in more detail.  I absolutely love looking at my first blog and looking back at our life when we had just our first born.  (You can check out that old blog before I switched over to WordPress HERE)
  • Number3-  To tag along with reason 2, it’s a great place to share what God is doing in me.  He’s always teaching us something, right?  Also, sharing my testimony is something I love to do because if He can save me and have such amazing grace over my life, I know He can with anyone.
    Also where I can share any tips, tricks, hacks, etc.   When a trick works on getting tough stains out of my kids clothes or any of that sort, you better believe I will share here because I love when others do!
  • Number 4-  Blogging has opened the door for me to connect with some other amazing bloggers.  I don’t just love reading their content but also getting to know them has been so wonderful.  Also, I truly do find such inspiration.
    (If anyone would be interested in me sharing my top bloggers who I enjoy following, comment down below and I would love to make a post)

I am so glad that I took the time to sit and really look into why I do this.  It’s motivated me and revived me to continue going.  I know there are so many other bigger and better bloggers out there who even have some really good info/tips to share and I for one am thankful for those!  However, I will not allow comparison steal my joy of doing something I love anymore.  I believe it’s important to be ourselves and do what we love regardless of what we think others might think.  As long as it’s making us happy, that needs to be our first priority.
I encourage you, do what you love because it’s what you love!  You were created with such gifts and talents, please share them with the rest of us.  With that being said, if you have your own blog, youtube channel, or anything else where you share your voice, talents and gifts, comment below.  I would love to check it out.💖