DIY Wire Spool Table

Happy Tuesday!

Florida is actually experiencing spring! Guys, this isn’t typical or normal. We normally get a good week of spring after winter and then it jumps straight to summer. Also know as, humidity season. However, this forever lasting winter for you northern folks is giving us southerners a spring. Thank you!πŸ˜‰

With it feeling like spring I was getting an itch to do a fun project for outside. Typically I’m getting my veggie garden started but to be honest, I’m not even sure I will do one this year. 😳 Life is just so busy and soon I will be caring for a newborn again. Not sure a vegetable garden is something I can add to my plate. Just being honest here. However, I wanted to tackle something.

We have this amazing carport in our backyard. It’s amazing to me anyways. Was actually what made me say “this is it!” when we were looking at homes to buy. From the moment we pulled up, I felt it. Then walking around the house I was liking it but really, the backyard and carport made me about jump up and down with excitement.

It’s still one of my favorite places to hang out in my home. We don’t use it as an actual carport. More like a back porch or patio. However, it does need some work. It’s functional so not in that way. I’ve just got some really good ideas for it. Ideas that require a lot of money so….

For now, just got to do what we can. One of those being to paint and refurnish a big wire spool I scored off Facebook marketplace a while ago.

If you look on Pinterest, there’s so many good ideas on what to do with them. It’s pretty fun to look through actually.

I specifically wanted one to use as a side table next to our outdoor chairs in the patio. Easy enough. Plus, it was something I could do now and make me feel happy. πŸ˜‰

I decided to stain it in “special walnut” from the minwax brand. I changed my mind about doing it all that color and wanted the table top to be white.

I wiped and brushed off all the dirt and began sanding. I used a fine 120 to do so. I began staining just the stem and floor board. After letting that dry, I sprayed the weather protector over the stain. For the table top I just used basic white paint that we already had. Since it was a last minute decision, I just used what we already had.😬 I can always go back get the right paint and outdoor protector, right?

I am pretty happy with the finish. Nothing extravagant but it made this nesting pregnant lady happy. πŸ˜…

It’s also a lot prettier to look at now. Eventually real flowers and plants will be sitting on top. The trey is perfect for the top since it does have the holes and my kids loved putting stuff inside. 😏

Again, one day we will get out there and do all the things I would love to but I still appreciate my little space out here.πŸ’–

There any projects, big or small, you have the itch to tackle. Would love for you to share down in the comments. πŸ’–

8 thoughts on “DIY Wire Spool Table

  1. I love the lighter color on top! Creating a bit of personality to the table by highlighting the top is something I’d never think to do. Thank you for sharing as I’m a major fan of a good DIY blog post project. Yours is so helpful!

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