August Highlights


This was the last month of summer.  Though, living in Florida, summer lasts here until about October.  It was just the last month before school started.
Though it was a busy month, filled with a lot of working over time for kyle, it was a lot of fun creating memories.
Here, I will share with you some of the highlights for this past month of August.

There was lots of water play all summer.  Between our own backyard to swimming in friends and families pools to going to different park splash pads.
The week or two before we started school, I tried to fill up with a lot of fun activities.  We went to a splash pad and then got some frozen yogurt that is right next door to the splash pad.  It was such a simple outing but one my kids still talk about to this day.  It was just one of those days that was so fun and I wish I could bottle up and relive over and over.

Everyone’s childhood summer must involve popsicles, right?


Midweek sleepovers.  These girls would plan sleepovers for every week if it were possible.  They would plan and scheme and come to each mom with all the questions and planning details.  Finally a night was open and we had an end of the summer sleep over. There was lots of dancing, giggling, painting finger nails and movie with popcorn and m&ms.  When I had Anna, these were some of the things I was so excited for with having a girl.  {Of course, Nolan joined in too}

Some cousins we haven’t seen in over a year, visited in August!  They were living across the country and because our brother in law retired from the Marines, they have now moved back to the east coast and stopped by Florida.  It was so good seeing them!  Anna and Nolan went and played at a local putt-putt, Goofy Golf, where Nolan made his first hole in one.  Thankful for Aunt Jill, who snapped this picture for us.

It was a great summer, indeed.  Though the heat of the summer will stick around for a long while, we’ve changed our schedules around some and added some structure.  Which I believe we were all ready for.

We had decided to start Nolan in a 3-k.  Basically preschool for 3 year olds.  It’s at the same school Anna went to and we, as well as Anna, loved!  Nolan would ask to go every day last year when Anna went to school and so we put him in this year.  He only goes three days a week and for only 3 hours a day.
School started the middle of the month and Nolan is loving it so far.  Of course, it was sad seeing him so big and leaving him there but I am thankful that he is loving it and that it’s at the school we’ve come to love and appreciate.

I am also homeschooling Anna for the first time this year.  We started the same week Nolan started going to school.  It has been great.  I plan to write a post all about it soon.  So, stay tuned for that. 😉

To top off the month, we got a puppy!  Introducing Lily “Sunshine” Hock.


How was August for you?  Are you sad to see summer end or are you excited for Fall?


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