Motherhood.  The most amazing and rewarding calling.  As well as the hardest and most draining.  Let’s be honest.

Reality.  As I am trying to even type this, I have my toddler clinging on me and my older two screaming at each other.


Hours later….

Let’s try this again.
Motherhood.  The most… hold up, I have to roll up all the tin foil my toddler just unraveled.


*Holding and nursing squirmy toddler and allowing screen time for older two.

This is motherhood.  Getting minutes to do what you want to do or even need to do, to only getting interrupted by your kid/kids to do something more important they need you to do.
Completely giving up on even trying to sit down because as soon as you do, they let you know real quick that they’re hungry, thirsty, need a certain toy down, need a diaper changed.  The list goes on, really.
At times forgetting to eat for  yourself after you’ve made all the breakfast or lunch meals.
Cleaning up a room only for them to destroy it again in a matter of seconds.
Forgetting what it’s like to have a full nights sleep.
Not being able to use the bathroom without at least one kid screaming at the door or just waltzing in.

Motherhood is seeing your baby smile at you for the first time with the sweet eyes of recognition.  That look like you are the most important person ever.  Because, well, we are!
The snuggles and them wanting to sit next/ on you and just be with you.  Even during the days that you might have snapped a lot.
Hearing them say “I love you” as you close their bedroom door, (for the hundredth time), at night.  However, each time fills your heart.
Never wanting to see them hurt and knowing you would do anything for that to never happen.  But when life happens and they do get hurt, being right there to pick them up, pray over them and allowing them to get right back up to try again.

Motherhood is hard and draining.  But I would trade nothing for it!  I have always wanted to be a mom and I am forever grateful that dream became a reality in 2011.  Then in 2013.  And again in 2016.  Even on my hardest days, I go to sleep thanking God for my three beautiful blessings.



5 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. You are absolutely right. Your post makes me think of the old Peace Corps slogan, “the toughest job you’ll ever love.” For me, my own personal Peace Corps was the summer I spent as a counselor at a resident camp – then I became a parent!…


  2. Motherhood can definitely be challenging. I really appreciate your optimism! I agree that it’s so important to be grateful for the little things.


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