ToteSavvy Review

Having three children, I have gone through many diaper bags.  Most of the time it would be a bag that I figured could play the part of a diaper bag.  Some mega failed and others did pretty well.  One issue, however, I ran into with each one was that there was never enough pockets or big enough compartments to hold all the stuff.  By stuff I mean mine and babies.  Everything tends to get all jumbled at the bottom of whatever bag I am using.  When I need something, I end up pulling stuff out  to get to that thing.  Only to then just throw everything back in making it even more messier than it was before.

I then came across this savvy little thing.  (Pun intended 😜).   Because Harper was already a toddler and the fact that she’s my third, I ordered the mini size.  Game changer my friends!

Again, with Harper being a toddler I don’t tend to overpack like I can with a newborn.  However, I do use cloth diapers, and let’s face it, one cloth diaper takes the same amount of space as about 5 disposable diapers.  There’s plenty of room for bulky cloth diapers, wet bags and all.  The ToteSavvy has 6 pockets to fit all that is pictured.  Plus more room.  It also comes with a changing pad attached.

I had purchased this back pack when I had Harper to be my “diaper bag”.  The ToteSavvy slides right in with plenty of room.  So much easier to grab what I need without having to pull everything out and then shoving everything back in.  It’s also very convenient to just pull the ToteSavvy out when it’s diaper changing time without having to take the whole bag.

The best thing?  The ToteSavvy fits perfectly in my Michael Kors handbag.

 Before I got the ToteSavvy, I would carry two different bags to some places, like church.  Where I wanted my purse but also needed a bag to stay with my children in nursery.  It’s so nice being able to carry just one bag!  I will just leave the ToteSavvy with Harper and take my purse with me.  Life just got a whole lot easier!

I just wish I had this 6 years ago when I had my first! 😉

Click HERE to check out their other sizes and to purchase your own and turn any bag into a diaper bag. 💖


6 thoughts on “ToteSavvy Review

  1. Love this! My mother gave me something similar when my daughter was first born and it is so helpful! I love that it helps you to easily change the essentials from bag to bag if you need to as well!


  2. This is a really great idea! I also cloth diaper and you are not kidding about how much space they take up in the diaper bag! I love that this can be put into any backpack or purse to keep organized!

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