The Imperfect Lovely Life

I am so excited that I have finally made the decision to chase my dream, (with the help of my husbands encouragement and perhaps a gentle shove here and there).

I launched my new blog.

It’s still a work in progress but so am I, right? I was going to wait until I had newer and better content but then I thought, why not just share it now? Share the reality of what it looks like for me to chase after something I really want to do. Something I’m passionate about.

I love writing and after thinking and praying, a lot, about what I wanted my goal to be with blogging, I had a good list but one of the top ones was to help other women feel and know they aren’t alone. I thought I had to have life figured out before I could start a real blog. That I had to know all the answers and reach perfection with this thing called life. Then, one day it hit me, I will never be there!

Not in a negative way did I think that way. In a way that I will forever be learning. I will forever be figuring life out with whatever current season I’m in. I will never be perfect. And guys, I don’t want to! So, what am I waiting for? Share the real picture of I don’t know what I’m doing. Share the beauty yet hardship of motherhood. Share the freedom and joy of finding who you truly are. As well as the pains and heartaches of letting things and people go in the process. Share the cheering and the rejections that come with blogging. I will also share the “this finally worked for me so here’s my tips” about motherhood, marriage and life in general too. But my point and goal for this blog mostly is to say to you, my fellow sister, “me too!!”

That long introduction is to introduce to you-

My life will never reach perfection but it will always be lovely. Even through the mess, it’s lovely.

I would love if you would follow me there and walk this journey along with me.

What Not to Say to a Pregnant Mom

Pregnancy.  It’s such a beautiful thing.  One that you can’t wait to shout to the world once you see that second pink line.  Embracing all the sweet smiles you get from strangers when your little bump finally makes a real appearance, (and by real I mean, no longer at that awkward stage of can’t tell if you’re pregnant or had one too many tacos).
Then you come across that one person.  The person who just makes that comment and you have to force a polite smile.  Or allow your glare to shoot through them like laser beams.  I may or may not have done so a time or two. 🙈
I’m sure all pregnant moms know what I am talking about.  However, this isn’t a letter to the mommas.  This is for the ones who make the comments.  I am just giving a friendly reminder/advice, (or a warning perhaps), to you. 😉

What not to say to a pregnant mom.

  • Asking about the due date is fine.  However, following it with a comment about their size is not.   Making a remark about how big they are and how they’re only going to get bigger is just rude.  As is commenting about how small they are and asking them if baby is ok.  Rude.
    The correct response is congratulating them with a friendly smile.
  • Don’t ask if there’s multiples in there.  It’s equivalent to asking a woman if she’s pregnant or not.  If she doesn’t offer the information, you don’t ask.
  • Don’t argue with the momma about the gender.  That’s for if she knows or if she is choosing to wait and find out at birth.  It’s not polite to look her up and down or circle around her looking her up and down and telling her what gender the baby is because of you’re opinion of how she is carrying.  Unless you have x-ray vision and can actually see the baby, you don’t know and that’s ok.
  • Giving your personal opinion about her family size.  It be her first or her ninth.
    Don’t tell her she needs both genders.  If she has three of one gender, don’t tell her she needs to try for another so she can have the opposite gender.  She can’t control that you know.
    If she announces that this is her ninth, she isn’t opening a door for your opinions on what you think about it.  You don’t know her story.  Just simply congratulate her with a friendly smile or say nothing at all.
  • Don’t offer your personal horror birth stories or opinions about how horrible labor and birth is.   Not limited to but especially to first time moms.  Unless she is asking you for your personal birth stories, don’t share.  I can guaranteed the expecting mom, it be her first time or her ninth, has done her own research.

These are just my own personal five.  Yes, as in these were said to me.  Good times.

I am just being a little humorous with a slight bit of seriousness.
Are you a fellow mom who has had your own experiences with such comments?  Feel free to comment what you would add to the list, down below.

DIY Wire Spool Table

Happy Tuesday!

Florida is actually experiencing spring! Guys, this isn’t typical or normal. We normally get a good week of spring after winter and then it jumps straight to summer. Also know as, humidity season. However, this forever lasting winter for you northern folks is giving us southerners a spring. Thank you!😉

With it feeling like spring I was getting an itch to do a fun project for outside. Typically I’m getting my veggie garden started but to be honest, I’m not even sure I will do one this year. 😳 Life is just so busy and soon I will be caring for a newborn again. Not sure a vegetable garden is something I can add to my plate. Just being honest here. However, I wanted to tackle something.

We have this amazing carport in our backyard. It’s amazing to me anyways. Was actually what made me say “this is it!” when we were looking at homes to buy. From the moment we pulled up, I felt it. Then walking around the house I was liking it but really, the backyard and carport made me about jump up and down with excitement.

It’s still one of my favorite places to hang out in my home. We don’t use it as an actual carport. More like a back porch or patio. However, it does need some work. It’s functional so not in that way. I’ve just got some really good ideas for it. Ideas that require a lot of money so….

For now, just got to do what we can. One of those being to paint and refurnish a big wire spool I scored off Facebook marketplace a while ago.

If you look on Pinterest, there’s so many good ideas on what to do with them. It’s pretty fun to look through actually.

I specifically wanted one to use as a side table next to our outdoor chairs in the patio. Easy enough. Plus, it was something I could do now and make me feel happy. 😉

I decided to stain it in “special walnut” from the minwax brand. I changed my mind about doing it all that color and wanted the table top to be white.

I wiped and brushed off all the dirt and began sanding. I used a fine 120 to do so. I began staining just the stem and floor board. After letting that dry, I sprayed the weather protector over the stain. For the table top I just used basic white paint that we already had. Since it was a last minute decision, I just used what we already had.😬 I can always go back get the right paint and outdoor protector, right?

I am pretty happy with the finish. Nothing extravagant but it made this nesting pregnant lady happy. 😅

It’s also a lot prettier to look at now. Eventually real flowers and plants will be sitting on top. The trey is perfect for the top since it does have the holes and my kids loved putting stuff inside. 😏

Again, one day we will get out there and do all the things I would love to but I still appreciate my little space out here.💖

There any projects, big or small, you have the itch to tackle. Would love for you to share down in the comments. 💖

Pregnancy Update- 32’ish weeks

Happy Monday! It’s been some time since I’ve posted. Even more time since I’ve posted a pregnancy update.

We’ve been busy with some life changes and then Easter being last week.  It’s only going to get more crazy as this month we have three birthdays to celebrate! Kyle’s is this week and both girls have their birthdays the last week of this month.

I’ve wanted to post a pregnancy update for the last few weeks but again, life being so busy it would slip my mind. Seeing that it’s not slowing down anytime soon, might as well just do it, right? 😜


This week I am 32 weeks. Or is it 33? Who knows and I guess doesn’t really matter. 😅


Heartburn started coming on around at night. Right before bed actually. So, that’s been fun. 😉 I’ve also been ready for bed around 730-8. Of course, I haven’t been able to actually go to bed until all the kids are and so it’s been closer to 830 pm. Not that I’ve necessarily been falling asleep by then either since this is the time that Kyle and I have to be alone. 9-930 pm is more common. Sleeping through the night rarely happens since I have to pee what feels like every 15 minutes. Add in the insomnia as well.
My tail bone and pelvis has been achy but that’s to be expected since I’m in my third trimester and it’s my fourth full term pregnancy. Nothing my wonderful chiropractor can’t fix. I’m still seeing her every two weeks for an adjustment. I’m thinking by 34-36 weeks, I will start going weekly.


My cravings have been a little bit all over the place. I’ll just randomly get a certain craving. For example, chocolate and strawberry. I then bought Nutella and strawberries and that did the trick and I move on. Nothing has really stayed. Well, except perhaps carbs. I’ve craved carbs this whole pregnancy. First trimester was toast. It was also one of the few foods that I could eat and enjoy during the morning nausea. So, I ate that whenever I wanted. The other day I wanted fries. But not just any type of fries would do. I wanted the thick and crispy fries. I couldn’t think of anywhere who would have them so I just fought threw it. 😅 A few weeks later, kyle and I ate lunch somewhere and they had them. So, I did end up eating some. They were wonderful.  For the most part though, it’s random. One week I will want something salty the next I will want something sweet and juicy.


Oh goodness. This baby moves. All. The. Time. I have a nice active baby in there. If I take my magnesium and bounce on the ball before I go to bed, I’ve noticed he/she is not as active and I can get a good nights sleep. Of course, there are those nights that I can’t find a comfortable position and I feel like baby is doing flips in there.😅
For the most part I feel like baby is head down to some extent. I’ve already been doing spinning babies exercises/stretches but that’s just because I can get uncomfortable. Other than feelings butt up and head down, I can’t tell what exactly the position is of baby. It’s no worries as far as the birth goes as we still have some time for all of that. It can just be so uncomfortable. Baby is also really low.

How I’m Feeling

I’m going to get real here. For the most part, I really do feel great. There’s not anything I can really complain about. I’m healthy. This baby is healthy.

However, comparing to all my other pregnancies, this has been the hardest. Hardest in the way that because I can get so uncomfortable; Braxton Hicks coming over so much sooner; adjusting to changes and all that is going on with life.  On top of just being a mama to three other little ones, I feel so worn and tired.   This pregnancy is flying by and yet, at the same time, I’ve been feeling like I am at the end for so long that I’ve cried twice so far this pregnancy at the thought that I still have a while to go.
I’ve cried at the thought that I am just not as joyful as I was my last three pregnancies.  I have felt guilty.   Guilty because I truly do view this all as a gift!  There have been mamas who we started pregnancy together and they’ve lost their baby.  Others who have serious pregnancy complications.  And then those who wished, desired and prayed to be pregnant too but still have empty wombs.
I’ve hurt and have cried to my Heavenly Father for these mamas as I feel that is all I can do and give at times.   I do not take this gift of carrying life for granted.
These feelings and emotions are also real at the same time.  I could no longer bottle them up and push them away.   Yet, I don’t want to walk in them either.
I’ve been really praying and asking God to reveal to me what is causing me all these emotions.  He’s been reminding me to just rest in His arms.

Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”
Matthew 11:28-30

I’ve been clutching at this verse the last few days especially.   Practicing at surrendering it all to Him.  My weariness.  My feelings of being overwhelmed.  My pregnancy.  My shame and guilt of feeling this way.
I have felt the burden become lighter as I unclinch my fists, (sometimes what feels like slow motion on my part), and lay it all down at His feet.   It is a mental practice I’ve been having to do daily.   On my hardest days, I make the choice to still rejoice during this pregnancy.  Because sweet child of mine, you are so worth it!  You are the example of God’s faithfulness and promise!
{whew!  Those were a lot of feelings.  Bless you if you’ve stayed along}

We are nearing the end though.  We’ve been slowly getting things we need for baby and for the birth which is making it all so real!  We will be holding our new addition to our family so very soon!

Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! And welcome to another “transformation Tuesday” post.

Typically my transformation posts are about a remodel of a room or about organization.

However, this one will be different. I’m going to share about my husband’s career change.

Kyle had worked at a local music store for over 14 years! He started there in the delivery department. He would deliver musical instruments, mainly pianos, to the local homes after their purchase. He worked his way up to become a salesman. Salespeople have a special gift. Kyle has a special gift. The man could talk someone into buying a Pinecone. He was able to learn and grow that gift at the music store. Someone would come in looking for an upright piano and they would leave buying a grand piano. He also loved when families would come in and he would introduce a child to a bunch of instruments. Help them find that one that fit them just right. Their parents would leave with a new hobby for their child/children along with music lessons scheduled for the future. He opened so many opportunities for families there. As well as the company. It’s a local company that was started in the 60’s by the founder. Who has since passed it down to his son who then will pass down to the next family generation. Last school year, Kyle started homeschool music classes for local homeschool families. Our Anna has been going to the homeschool chorus class once a week and loves it.  He also started doing field trips for school aged kids. It’s been a huge hit.


Over 14 years. He’s grown and thrived. Then an opportunity came up for him to continue using his salesman gifts but now in the real estate field.

We prayed when the opportunity was presented to him. We prayed hard. I never felt so for sure or at peace about anything like I did this. He felt the same. He took it and has said his goodbyes to the company and the people who were all part of helping him get here.

It’s a leap of faith. He’s currently in the process of getting his Florida real estate license. It’s a lot of studying. Some days, it’s an all day of studying. But I just know, it’s going to be so worth it! The opportunity to grow even more in his gifts and this calling. The opportunity to make even more money. The opportunity of him being around more with his family and with our children.

This company that has taken him in, they’re taking a leap of faith as well. They’re paying for the expenses for him to get his license. They’re also paying him salary on top of commission. These homes that the company are selling aren’t just your typical neighborhood homes. We live in a very touristy place with it being along the emerald coast. Kyle will become a real estate agent for these vacation homes on the beach.

The last few weeks has been one heck of a transformation for our family with this new adventure. One we couldn’t be more excited about. Excited for the opportunities, yes. But also excited to see what God’s plan is in all of this. We feel so strongly and know without a doubt, this is all in His plan.